‘Arrow’ Pilot Seeks Daily Planet Reporter Cat Grant

With the casting of Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn last week, we were starting to think that we’d reached the end of the road of big “Arrow” casting announcements. But perhaps we were wrong.

The TV Addict, the same folks who posted the initial “Arrow” character breakdowns some weeks ago, have revealed that there’s another familiar DC Comics character making her way into The CW’s planned Green Arrow pilot: none other than Cat Grant, fearless reporter for the Daily Planet.

In a recent post, the TV Addict wrote:

SMALLVILLE fans who are still in mourning over their dearly departed Superman series will be pleased to discover that ARROW isn’t wasting anytime when it comes to bringing familiar faces back into the fold. Less pleased, will be actress Keri Lynn Pratt, who it appears will have to re-audition for the role of Cat Grant that producers have re-imagined as a sexy TMZ-style reporter who appears in the ARROW pilot to cover the unexpected reappearance of Oliver Queen.

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