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During New York Comic Con, I interviewed stars Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and executive producers/co-creators Jennifer Levin and Sherri Cooper.

If you never watched Ron Koslow’s original 1980s series on CBS (which I did) and you didn’t catch recent episodes, CW’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ surrounds fiercely loyal detective Catherine Chandler (Kreuk) who falls in love with ‘beastly’ former soldier Vincent Keller (Ryan). Having willingly undergone a super soldier experiment (led by Catherine’s mother and her employer, Muirfield), Vincent escapes when it goes south. Years later, he re-connects with Catherine while still running from Muirfield. Season one surrounds his search for a cure while avoiding re-capture. Although the show started off terribly with a pilot forcing Kristin and her female co-lead to talk in horrible New Yawk accents with ridiculously skinny skinny jeans and prom dresses, the producers/writers, immediately rectified that mistake in episode two. I’m glad I stuck with the show all throughout. Each episode we see the chemistry between the two leads increase while portraying a stronger Catherine. Plus, I love that Catherine dresses appropriately for a woman her age and her position. My biggest complaint as a woman surrounds shows that feature unrealistic wardrobes for the age and position of their characters. Real life business women don’t wear bodycon dresses. Real life cops don’t rock heels. The wardrobe/production staff take that under consideration. Everytime I see Catherine wearing flats as opposed to heels when chasing perps I cheer. Half the time she rocks clothes I swear currently hang in my closet like my favorite Gap cardigan.

Executive Producers/Co-Creators Sherri Cooper and Jennifer Levin

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