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Superhero movies mean merchandise, which for most studios, is where the real money lies once the box office cycle is done. Because while Warner Bros. is likely enjoying (and still counting) the $580 million that “Man of Steel” has brought in so far, they are likely just as excited to see the sales of the numerous toys and tie-in products, and of course the numbers that the eventual home video release will be bringing in as well. The money never really stops being printed. And so perhaps it’s the long reach of the unending revenue streams that has kept the movie novelization business alive, when the very purpose of owning the book of a movie that will be available to watch at home in a matter of months feels antiquated. But then again, there will always be super-collectors, those who can’t help but spend their disposable income on any movie-affiliated material, and maybe they will be the ones to keep the movie tie-in book alive for the future. However, at least in the case of “Man of Steel,” the book does offer some minor glimpses of new scenes and textures that will make anyone who loved the movie at least curious to see what may have been left out of the theatrical cut.

“The movie was still in production while I was writing the book, so I didn’t have an opportunity to see the film,” author Greg Cox told Comic Book Movie about his work on the Superman book. “What happened was that I flew out to Los Angeles last summer to read the script, check out a gallery of pre-production art, inspect some of the props and costumes, and generally pick the brains of various people involved with the movie. Later on, I would occasionally email Warner Bros. with specific questions about this scene or that.” And indeed, being involved that early in the game, and crucially, getting a peek at the script (we can only imagine the security Cox had to deal with to get near it) means that his book, which only hit store shelves on the Tuesday after the film opened, does contain some stuff from David Goyer’s initial drafts that didn’t get in front of the cameras.


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