David Goyer Says Listening to “Fan Chatter” Is “A Mistake” – /Film

Any property with a devoted following also typically has a very vocal following. When fans aren’t convinced a superhero movie is doing justice to the source material — or a TV show is headed in the right direction, or a reboot gets the old characters quite right — they’ll say so, loudly and repeatedly. Whether anyone is actually listening, though, is another question.

David Goyer, for one, says he doesn’t necessarily find it worthwhile to listen to “fan chatter.” In fact, the Man of Steel scribe thinks studios and networks stumble by paying too much attention to what fans think they want. Hit the jump to read his comments.

Chatting with Spinoff Online, Goyer explained why he doesn’t believe in putting too much stock in “Internet chatter.”

via David Goyer Says Listening to “Fan Chatter” Is “A Mistake” – /Film.


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