‘Man Of Steel 2′ Finds Batman Using Drones To Fight Crime [Rumor]

Another day, another set of nifty Man of Steel 2 rumors. According to someone with inside information about the sequel, the Dark Knight will use robots to fight crime in the flick.  Hitman producer Daniel Alter is the latest individual to share some knowledge about director Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman. If Alter’s recent tweet is accurate, then the Caped Crusader is living in seclusion inside the Batcave. Instead of fighting crime himself, Bruce Wayne uses drones to keep the bad guys off the streets.“Can’t wait for ‘Batman vs. Superman.’ [Batman] semi-retired/not speaking to Robin anymore. Controlling drones from the Batcave,” Alter recently tweeted.  The Dark Knight’s reliance on drones is definitely in keeping with Warner Bros’ vision for Man of Steel 2. CEO Kevin Tsujihara previously stated that Batman isn’t as spry or as willing to put his life on the line as he did during his younger days.   Tsujihara described the character as “tired, weary, and seasoned.”

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