‘Man of Steel 2’: Director & Producer Explain Ben Affleck Batman Casting

After Warner Bros. electrified the crowd at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 (and the internet) with the announcement of Man of Steel 2, a Batman/Superman team-up movie, attention shifted very quickly to who would step into the cape and cowl as the new Dark Knight. Rumors ranged from a younger Batman Beyond-inspired Caped Crusader to an older, more tech-savvy Batman – while other reports suggested that Warner Bros. was (at least) tempted to offer Christian Bale a dump truck full of money to get the actor on board for more vigilante justice.

However, in a late-in-the-day surprise announcement, it was revealed that Academy Award winning director and writer, Ben Affleck would be the next actor to portray Batman onscreen. Certain fans were quick to express their disappointment (and hatred of his role in the Daredevil film), whereas some were encouraged by the choice (and focused on Affleck’s more recent work, most notably his performances in The Town and Argo), while others merely considered the actor an uninteresting choice – especially in light of lesser known performers that had been mentioned.

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