Man of Steel 2 Now Batman V Superman: Film’s Shocking Ending Revealed?

Previously leaked images of a giant, incomplete Superman statue initially hinted at a scene where Metropolis is maybe honouring the Man of Steel. However, some new on-set photos released by Michigan-based blog The Banana Doc may have given a bigger hint about where the story ends up.

In the photos, the Superman statue is lying on the ground, with several people gathering around and placing flowers next to it. This may indicate that the statue has become a memorial site for Superman, reports Enstars.

Is it possible that the makers are actually adapting the ‘Death of Superman’ comic book arc into the two films? speculates Latino Review.

There is also a chance that this scene is going to be in the Justice League movie instead of Batman v Superman, as both movies are shooting essentially back to back.

Click here to see the photos.

Warner Bros. has not commented on or confirmed any of these rumours based on the photos but if any of it is true, the makers definitely seem to be taking quite a dark turn in terms of the treatment for their upcoming films on the franchise.

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