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Help save Smallville now before the end of this season check out my article to find out how
i was semi-fine with Smallville ending cuase all i wanted was 200 episodes if produces the same aount episodes as it did last season but after reading the assaination of Superman article in CBM show telling how every superman attempts in movies and televison have feld and that smallville has been the entertaning live action superman attempt since Christopher Reeves' movies Smallville should stay who knows when the next live action superman anything that will be as good a smallville so i set on the internet to find some way of saving it and i did but i cant do it all on my own so please i ask for your help to save smallville heres how we do it.

Step 1Watch the show every time you can. It will be most important to watch the show's main time slot with its recent episodes, but check when syndicated reruns air as well. If nothing else, you will know that an eventual cancellation wasn't your fault.

Step 2Take part in the actual ratings when you can. Your chances of the Nielson company sending you one of their packets to fill out are slim. If they do, mark down your show in every time slot in which it appears including recent and rerun episodes.

Step 3Write letters to the TV network. Be sure to include in full detail everything that is good about the show and why it would be a mistake to cancel it. Tell them you know of many other people who agree with you and would turn off that network if the show was gone.

Step 4Buy the show's previous seasons on DVD. The purchase rates of these collections have become a new method of tracking the show's popularity. Remember that DVD sales led to the revival of "Family Guy" after its cancellation.

Step 5Talk with everyone you know who watches the show and encourage them to do all of the above. Have them find other people they know and get them to join the fight. The more numbers you have in this campaign, the more the network will listen.

Step 6Get everyone to send some sort of item that represents the show to the network. It should all be the same item that has a tie-in to the show, like Tabasco sauce for "Roswell" or light bulbs for "Friday Night Lights." This sounds corny but it can work.


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  1. charlene

    October 14, 2009 at 6:21 am

    i thought cw were ok with the numbers

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