‘Superman/Batman’ vs. ‘Captain America’ – Box Office Mojo

Two years from today, the biggest showdown in box office history is set to take place. At least, that’s what the tentative release schedule would have you believe.

In what amounts to a very high stakes game of chicken, Disney and Warner Bros. have scheduled superhero movies Captain America 3 and an Untitled Superman/Batman Film on May 6, 2016. Over the past few months, various representatives on the corporate and creative side have indicated that both sides intend to stick with this date.

Of course, there’s a zero percent chance that actually happens. But more on that later. First, let’s take a trip down release date memory lane.

How did we get here? Last June, Disney scheduled an untitled Marvel movie for May 6, 2016. This would be the 13th movie in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, and the seventh to kick off the Summer movie season. At the time, though, it was unclear what exactly that movie would be. A fourth Iron Man movie? A third Thor movie? A new character like Dr. Strange?

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